Silky Way Cream
Soft, smooth and hydrating
To minimize irritations and ensure a positive skincare experience,
we have chosen not to use alcohol, mineral oil,
synthetic fragrances or preservatives.
Why It Works
Fresh, plump, brightening and repairing
One bottle three benefits
Apply lightly and watch your skin get revitalized
With plant extracts to exhance skin moisture,
this cream strengthens, repairs and "awakens" your skin,
leaving it soft and nourished.
What It Is
Increase skin absorption with
refined technique as the smoothness
under your palms gives you a
comforting sense of routine.
Make skincare your life aesthetic
How To Use
  • Step 1
    Face Area
    Take a good amount of cream and
    apply it on five areas:
    your forehead, both cheeks,
    nose and chin.
  • Step 2
    Double Application
    Rub your palms for warmth, and
    gently press and massage
    your face in circular motions,
    from the chin, to cheekbones,
    to forehead.
  • Step 3
    If needed, repeat the previous steps
    until the product has
    been fully absorbed.
  • Squalane
    Strengthens moisturizing effects, relieves dryness,
    aids skin absorption and helps repair the skin's
    epidermal layer.
  • Vitamin E
    Repairs barrier, strengthens skin
    Helps with anti-aging, boosts skin's firmness
    Supports anti-oxidation, brightens complexion
  • Plant power
    Peony root soothes the skin
    Rose hip* maintains skin elasticity
    Rosemary brings out the skin's youthful radiance
*Rose hip refers to the wild rose hip extract in the product formula