Powder Up Exfoliator
Water-soluble, makes dense foam, soft as velvet
To minimize irritations and ensure a positive skincare experience,
we have chosen not to use alcohol, mineral oil,
synthetic fragrances or preservatives.
Why It Works
Deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation
Awaken your skin with yeast
With a perfect formula to care for your skin,plant-based ingredients t
hat gently exfoliate and thorough cleansing to soften blackheads,
soft and smooth skin is within your reach.
What It Is
This light powder embodies our
face-cleansing philosophy
Enjoy the beautiful moments
And let skincare become your life aesthetic
How To Use
  • Step1 
    Daily skincare
    Use some normal or warm water
    to moisten the skin.
  • Step 2
    Double protection
    Take a suitable amount of powder and
    add a bit of water so that it can be
    rubbed into foam. Tip: use with a foaming
    net to generate more foam
  • Step 3
    Pre-makeup primer
    Gently massage your face for 30
    seconds, then rinse off completely
    with water.
  • Papain
    Metabolizes old skin cells;
    Restores skin quality;
    Leaves skin soft, smooth and natural
  • Centella asiatica extract
    Soothing and nourishing;
    Reduces irritation;
    Rejuvinates the skin
  • Plant power
    Peony root soothes the skin;
    Rose hip* maintains skin elasticity;
    Rosemary brings out the skin's youthful radiance.
*Rose hip refers to the wild rose hip extract in the product formula