Native Collagen
Eye Mask
Dehydrolized mask comes to life in the water
To minimize irritations and ensure a positive skincare experience,
we have chosen not to use alcohol, mineral oil,
synthetic fragrances or preservatives.
Why It Works
The first dry collagen mask
Contains 90% collagen*
1. One piece contains 90% collagen*
2. Derived from cows, the collagen is 97% identical* to the human protein sequence
3. The German "freshness-retaining" technology allows for a long shelf life**
4. The triple collagen synergy "wakes" the skin's collagen vitality
What It Is
Has a velvety texture when dry
Activates upon exposure to water and
gains a jellylike texture
Gives a complete glow, reduces
crow's feet by 22%* and
fine lines by 19%*.
How To Use
  • Step 1
    Preparation skincare
    After cleansing, tear open
    packaging and take out the
    mask holder carefully.
  • Step 2
    Double Instruction
    Take a bottle of mineral water and
    pour it into the mask holder to fully
    soak the eye mask. Let it stand for
    about 1 minute.
  • Step 3
    Pre-makeup Application
    Take the mask out and place it under
    the eyes, using your fingertips
    to press lightly. Remove after 20
    minutes and begin your
    follow-up routine.
  • The mask sheet is the essence
    1 piece contains 90% collagen, solid
    essence**2, exquisite ratio deep absorption
  • Triple collagen synergy
    Derived from cows with reparative, protective power
    97% identical to human protein sequences
    Promotes the production of human collagen
  • German "freshness-retaining"
    Effectively maintains the activity and structure of
    collagen long-term. Once exposed to water, the mask
    softens and fits perfectly around the eye like skin.
*The bovine collagen sequence is 97% similar to the human protein sequence
**Long shelf life means that the mask can be stored for 24 months in the unopened state
**2 Solid essence refers to the fact that the eye mask is originally composed of 90% collagen, then made into a dry film by the German "freshness-retaining" technology.