Hydrate Yourself
Water Essence
Watery texture, moist and nonsticky
To minimize irritations and ensure a positive skincare experience,
we have chosen not to use alcohol, mineral oil,
synthetic fragrances or preservatives.
Why It Works
Instantly replenish and relieve
your skin's thirst
Activate your skin's fresh glow

Energize the skin and give it a waterlike brightness

Revitalize by opening up the skin's water channels 

With herbal extracts to gently soothe the skin

What It Is
This light jelly texture keeps your skin refined and nourished.
As you find some peaceful silence in your day, let the silkiness awaken your senses and shut out any messy, unpleasant thoughts.
How To Use
  • Step1
    Thoroughly cleanse
    the skin before use to keep your
    pores refreshed. This boosts the
    effect of your skincare.
  • Step 2
    Daily skincare
    Take a suitable amount of
    essence in your palm and apply evenly
    on the skin. You may gently rub your hands
    and use the heat to aid absorption.
  • Step 3
    Extra massage
    After applying the essence
    onto your face, use your fingers to
    gently massage it into your skin.
    This helps with absorption as well.
  • Sodium hyaluronate

    Enhances hyration, effectively replenishes 

    and locks in moisture, leaving skin bouncy,
    luminous and smooth
  • Vitamin E
    Repairs barrier, strengthens skin
    Helps with anti-aging, boosts skin's firmness
    Supports anti-oxidation, brightens complexion
  • Plant power
    Centella asiatica moisturizes, repairs and improves complexion
    Rosemary brings out the skin's youthful radiance