Bright Side Essence
Light, nonsticky and refreshing
To minimize irritations and ensure a positive skincare experience,
we have chosen not to use alcohol, mineral oil,
synthetic fragrances or preservatives.
Why It Works
Clinical Formula
Instant Repair
10% Purslane Essence
This gentle essence is repairing and brightening, and suitable
for sensitive, fragile skin. With its well-researched formula,
the essence is mild and soothing, reducing any undesirable
stimulations. Its light texture allows it to be easily applied and absorbed.
What It Is
This miracle Vitamin C essence
can be a fresh surprise or a moment
of tranquility. Let its silky texture
fully awaken your senses and
take you on a journey.
How To Use
  • Step 1
    Daily skincare
    After cleansing, apply 4-5
    drops of essence onto
    dry skin. Gently massage it
    onto the whole face.
    Once absorbed.
  • Step 2
    Double protection
    The ingredients are more effectively
    absorbed when used in combination
    with other skincare products (lotions,
    creams, masks etc.)
  • Step 3
    Pre-makeup primer
    Use the  Vitamin C essence before applying
    your makeup. This reduces the dullness
    of the base makeup and keeps it
    consistent and long-lasting.
  • 10% Purslane essence
    Derived from purslane, an herbal plant with repairing effects,
    this essence is a fusion of skincare and nature, giving it a
    triple-sourced power. It gently soothes, strengthens the skin
    barrier and accelerates skin repair.
  • Superior Vitamin C with
    The use of ethyl ascorbic acid stabilizes Vitamin C derivatives and
    manages Vitamin C activity. Bright and translucent, it relieves oxidative
    stress, strengthens and revitalizes the skin, and deeply moisturizes, building a water-locking barrier.
  • Plant power

    Peony root soothes the skin

    Rose hip* maintains skin elasticity

    Rosemary brings out the skin's youthful radiance

*Rose hip refers to the wild rose hip extract in the product formula